Here’s what Houston-based food blogger Hank on Food had to say about our marinated and braised pork chop:

My main course (with apologies to Uncle Tex and the other bad Piggies) was the Braised, marinated pork chop, in a fig chutney sauce with sauteed seasonal vegetables. As usual the dish is artfully plated, quite aromatic and the chutney sauce is reminiscent of Chutney Gravy from other styles of cuisine. The figs add a sweetness, a weight and heartiness to the dish that embraces the Mediterranean nature of Sud Italia. The Pork is juicy, nicely seasoned on the outside, sweet yet savoury. Quite a hearty meal for the occasional brisk fall evenings we have now and again in Houston.
Grade: A+

Yesterday, Hank posted a review of the entire meal he enjoyed recently at Sud Italia: Click here for his complete notes and ratings.

In case you don’t know Hank on Food, it’s one of the greatest (and one of our favorite) resources for reviews on Houston-area restaurants. Check out his excellent blog here.

Thanks, Hank, for coming in and for the kind words about our menu! We love Hank on Food!

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