Polpette 8
Sicilian meatballs over fresh marinara | pecorino cheese

Arancini di Riso 11
Traditional mozzarella rice balls with saffron | ”trifolati” mushroom sauce

The term arancina was first coined in Sicily where several provinces claim to be the homeland of the dish. Trifolati literally means cooked in the manner of the truffle. The method involves cutting the ingredients into slices with the addition of oil, garlic and parsley.

Fritto Misto 14
Fried combination of gulf shrimp | calamari | asparagus

Burrata con Pomodoro 14
Heirloom tomato | Andria burrata | oregano DOP oil | focaccia crouton

Signature Prosciutto di Tonno 14
Limoncello cured ahi tuna | eggplant “a scapece”

“A scapece” is a name used in Naples coming from the Spanish “escabeche” which is used across the world referring to the marinating process using vinegar. We add garlic and fresh mint from the outside garden.


Insalata Invernale 8
Shaved winter beets | crispy fennel | market greens |“lira rossa” forma di frant cheese
avocado | light herb vinaigrette

Insalata Cesare 8
Romaine lettuce with a classic caesar dressing topped with anchovies and parmesan


Paccheri Cacio e Pepe 14
Paccheri pasta with cacio-pecorino cheese sauce | fresh stracciatella-burrata

Creste di Gallo alla Norma 13
Macaroni style pasta tossed in a tomato sauce | diced eggplant | ricotta salata

Strozzapreti con Ragu di Manzo 17
Non-traditionally cooked “choking the priest” pasta | short rib ragout | parmigiano

One legend insists the origin of “strozzapreti” refers to the tradition in which the women of Romagna prepared this type of pasta as a partial land payment to the local priest. Meanwhile the husbands became outraged by the priest benefiting from the labor of their wives and wished the priest to “choke” while eating the pasta.

Pizzaiola di Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia 26
Squid ink spaghetti | lobster | light roasted garlic pizzaiola sauce

Ravioli con Gamberi del Golfo 29
Gulf shrimp and spinach ravioli | thyme and onion sauce | black garlic


Tonno alla Griglia con Ciambotta Lucana 22
Grilled tuna steak | vegetable ciambotta| “patata americana”

“Ciambotta” hails from Lucania (the Basilicata region). This is a stew typical from southern cuisine. Patata Americana or “batata” is originally from the Americas but now found throughout Italy especially on the coast of Puglia. This sweet potato is inspired from the way my father and mother used to cook it inside a wood-stove during the winter months.

Salmone e Lenticchie 23
Filet of salmon | calabrian lentil ragout | “friggitelli” peppers

“Friggitelli” are small elongated sweet peppers typically found in Abruzzo, Campania and Puglia. The name derives from “friarello”, a dialect expression literally translatable as “frying”.

Fregola Sarda Risottata con Arselle 26
Sardinian typical dish with “arselle” clams | calamari

Zuppa di Mare in Cartoccio ”Acqua Pazza” 32
Atlantic seabass | black mussels | fingerling potatoes | leccino olives
in a traditional neapolitan “crazy water” broth

The term acqua pazza (pronounced [akkwa pattsa]; literally crazy water in Italian) is used in Italian cuisine to refer to a recipe for poached white fish, or to simply refer to the lightly herbed broth used for poaching.

Filetto di Dentice alla Lampedusana 30
Baked gulf red snapper | heirloom tomatoes | potatoes | olives | capers

Pesce al Forno Mkt
Mediterranean whole fish carved table-side (ask your server for today’s selection)


Cotolette di Pollo alla Palermitana 19
Breaded chicken breast | roasted potatoes | mixed green salad in light vinaigrette

“Piccata” di Vitello 28
Seared veal prepared with either lemon and capers or forest mushroom and marsala
wine. Accompanied with asparagus and smoked fingerling potatoes.

Expand your Italian knowledge! Below find the meaning of common words used throughout Italian menus:
Piccata ( 3 pieces of meat of 2 oz ) Scaloppa ( 1 piece of meat of 6 oz )
Piccatina ( 5 pieces of meat of 1.2 oz ) Scaloppina ( 2 pieces of meat of 3 oz )
The dishes derive their name by the portion sizes instead of the misconception of the preparation process.

Costolette d’Agnello alla Griglia 42
Grilled Colorado lamb chops | roasted cauliflower texture Texas “lira rossa” caciotta cheese-eggplant parmigiana

Executive Chef: Maurizio Ferrarese

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